Tuscany in April


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What would the lanscape be like in April. Green, brown, fog in the morning, hay bales, rain, flowers? Would be visiting Tuscany by car in mid April and love taking photographs. What's the weather like then. Feedback very much appreciated.


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Most definitely green, sometimes wet. Still cool temps in the mornings to get fog.
Maybe some flowers, depends how warm or not the weather is.

The pics taken in this article are from early April, just so you can see what they skies looked like - most were taken in the middle of the day or afternoon (did get up early one day and it was pretty, but am not a great/patient enough photographer to take those shots of the perfect fog/green hills LOL!)

Hay bales only in storage, by that time they off most fields.


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schedule trip to Tuscany

I will arrive Rome on 3/24/2016 at noon time from Taiwan. I am planning to visit alone to Tuscany on 3/24-3/28/2016. My final destination will be Florence on 3/28 visiting my friend.
Can you give me an advice how to go around Tuscan from my arrival on 3/24 and 3/28 to Florence?
How to schedule transportation either by train or bus?
The most important is accommodation in which city will be better for those days. Thank you for sharing your professional suggestion to me. I hope follow your schedule I might have unforgettable Tuscany trip.



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Travelling Tuscany


I you are planning on visit Tuscany and you will not have a car then you might want to make Florence your home point and travel from there because you will find most of your travel plans will originate from here.

You can do Siena, Pisa/Lucca, San Gimignano, Greve in Chianti by bus (train for Pisa/Lucca) or arrange for an organized tour which leaves from Florence and gives you a good overview.

However, if you want to stay outside of Florence for a few days I suggest that you look into a place in Greve in Chianti or San Gimignano because they will offer good bus services for the immediate surrounding area.

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