Tuscany in Early or Mid September - Landscape Views and Colours

Arka Dutta

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I was researching and planning a trip to Tuscany in early or mid September 2017. As a photographer myself, I have been overwhelmed by the beautiful Tuscany landscape photos. However while researching I read that by September, there are no green fields in Tuscany as all the fields will be ploughed by then and only earthy fields will remain. So as a photographer I was wondering if September will be a good month for taking photos - and in general finding the landscape pleasing to naked eyes. I know greens are there in spring but the I want to see Tuscany amidst the golden yellow wheat and sunflower and the harvest rolled up in bundles. Will I witness these in September first week? If not kindly advice when to visit? Thank you.


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Maybe not


the landscapes you are describing are more likely to be seen in June...max July.

But that doesn't mean that September doesn't provide you with some spectacular scenery.

Sunflowers in Tuscany will give you a few ideas of where to search for these colorful fields.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise