Tuscany in end December


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Hi! I am wondering what will the weather be like in end December as I am planning to visit Tuscany then. What are some of the activities to do then and if the vineyards will be open for visit and tasting near end Dec? Please kindly advise :)


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Tuscany in December


Though the temps can be a bit brisk - Tuscany is definitely open for business in December. Just remember to be aware of the holidays - when some things will close.

Though many vineyards will be on the very tail end of their production - many will still be open for wine tastings. However, in many cases they will only be open upon appointment so ALWAYS be sure to contact and reserve before you go - especially if you really want to visit the vineyard. Or you could take an organized tour which will not only give you time to enoìjoy the scenery - but they know already who is open (and who isn't).


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