Tuscany in February


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Imagine someone that does not like cold weather at all, but as it has to be in Europe by mid February 2015, is trying to find a not-so-cold place to visit. Well, thought about Portugal, Barcelona, but I'm now totally lying towards Tuscany and surroundings.

So, what would you recommend me to visit? What cities are worth to go during the winter? Wineries, restaurants, are they all open? What are all the best?

Thanks for helping me with that! Regards, Fernando //


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Though I wouldn't say the temps are the warmest in Tuscany in Feb, I can say that the Carnival party spirit is sure to warm you up.

Another thing you can do which will keep you warm while enjoying Tuscany are the many thermal spas.

My experience is everyone is open in Feb - and even better because they are expecting to cater to a local clientele!

Buon Viaggio