Tuscany in July with the entire family - itinerary help needed


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My inlaws will be married for 50 years in July and in celebration they are taking the entire family to Italy. We are staying for 11 nights/12 days. They have rented a villa in Montevettolini - we will be staying there the entire time with the exception of a two day trip to Rome (hotel and walking tour already booked by my inlaws). We will have rental cars for our entire stay. The following is a list of places I would like visit: Cinque Terre, Siena, Lucca, Pisa, Elba Island, Maremma, Florence vs. a trip to Venice. I would love some itinerary help and ideas to make this a memorable trip! The planning seems overwhelming since this will be our first time Italy. (Also...we will spend the last day/night in Milan....we are flying out of Milan to go home).


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Itinerary for 11 Days

First off - congrats for their 50 years together - that is awesome!

Your day trips all look very do-able - especially with the time frame and location that you have for the villa.

A few things to remember, Cinque Terre is not very car friendly - in fact if you are a group of people going you want want to look into a car and driver (in Italian they call them NCC) then the hassle of getting there, parking and moving around is on the them and you can enjoy the scenery - good food and wine and wonderful Cinque Terre atmosphere. It is well worth it!

To get to Elba you will need to take a ferry boat - which will absolutely need to be reserved ahead of time...lots of Italians like to go to Elba as well in July. :)
http://www.mobylines.com/ or http://www.blunavytraghetti.com/webing/homeing.htm are just two of the many who make the trip.

You can do Lucca and Pisa in the same day - remember if you want to visit the tower (to the top) you need a ticket - and reservations which you can get here.

You can easily do Florence, it is less than an hour away (even more than one day at Florence is recommended) from your position.

And Venice is an easy train trip. You can arrive early/leave late. I do this all the time when family comes to visit me in Florence. There is parking at the Florence SMN train station. Remember to look for Venice S. Lucia station. Below is a link for times


Buon Viaggio!