Tuscany in March


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I am planning a holiday to Tuscany in March however I see that a lot of the tours do not start until April...I was wondering if it's still worth my while travelling in March and plan my own trip - probably rent a car and travel around - or would it be better to wait and visit later in the year? :confused:

Any advice/help is greatly appreciated


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Planning for March


March is really what I would call a hit or miss type of month. The weather can be freezing or warm and balmy....the days are not yet completely filled with daylight - that is much more noticeable in April and it is true there are some things that really just don't start opening up again until mid or late April. Lots of places use Easter as a gauge BUT since Easter is the end of March this year, what I have been hearing is that they will be open that week and then close again until later April.

Having said that, if you enjoy travelling on your own, why not make it March - you will find prices are contained, availability good and there are still lots of places that are open and active for visiting, wine tastings, museums and of course, the Tuscan countryside never closes :cool:

Have a look at this calendar (it needs to be updated with dates for 2016) it will give you an over view of possible activities for March.

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