Tuscany in May


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We are travelling to Italy May 12 and staying in Rome for until May 16th.
A perfect holiday to us is one that includes exploring, hiking, and learning, but we also like down time - sitting on a beach, on top of a hill, watching the city during the afternoon with coffee - or in the evening with a glass of wine. We have decided that we will stay in the Tuscany area for our next 10 days - preferably at a VRBO.
I am wondering if it is best to find one central location for our base for the 10 days, or if we should choose two locations in different part of Tuscany. I am working on what we would like to see in the area and have a good idea - but we also like to have free days for planning once we get there.

I have been told Sienna is a a good base - thoughts?
I appreciate the advice!


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10 days in May


May is such a fabulous time to visit Tuscany! The colors, the perfumes and the activities. I definitely suggest that you look at staying perhaps 2 - 3 days in the city center of Florence so you can enjoy the "big city" atmosphere before heading into the countryside.

Especially pretty are the apartments at: http://www.florenceaccommodation.com/antica-dimora-firenze.html

Once in the countryside you might want to look at the area around Montespertoli (check out: http://www.discovertuscany.com/tuscany-farmhouses/agriturismo-montalbino.html ) or Montaione and then for the second half of your time in Tuscany look more towards the south - Siena is a good option or even in the val d'Orcia landscape.

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Siena is a good central base - but if you will have your own car, I would suggest staying in the countryside, as Donna recommends.

Also important to underline is that all of the links Donna mentions above lead directly to the official websites so that you can book directly with the owners ;-)


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my opinion

My advice is to stay in Florence for everything you want to do west of it ( Lucca, Pisa, etc ) and go to Siena for the part you want to assign to winnery and medieval cities visits. Altough doing everything from Florence is also possible, more so if you rent a car.