Tuscany in November


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Hi everyone.

We are traveling to Italy in November. We will be in Rome then head up to Milan for a few days. We will be heading back to Rome from Milan and want to take a few days to travel through Tuscany. I have a few questions about this. We want to stay near the Train line as we will not have a car. We would like suggestions on where to visit, Inns or B & B's, what to expect in November (such as weather, certain places that might be closed, etc). Any help would be greatly appreciated. This will be our first trip to Italy.

Thank you!:D


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Few days in Tuscany in November

Dear Scott2010,

I have a question for you: how long are you staying in Tuscany? Depending on the answer I will then be able to provide you with more information and suggestions for your holiday in Tuscany.

Since is your first time to Italy I suggest you spend at least one day in Florence, the cradle of Renaissance.

In the meantime I suggest you read the following threads about 3 days in Tuscany without a car and travel by train in Tuscany.

I hope to talk to you soon :D


Italy is definitely an amazing place to visit and a visit to Rome is a must. I would like to know about your experiences and which places did you really visited so far..