Tuscany in October - Good for Photography?


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Hi, I am planning to visit Tuscany in mid-October this year as its convenient for me to take leave . I am avid photographer and want to document this beautiful region in terms of people and landscape. However I am getting a real uncertain as what kind of landscape it would be during October. Will it be like the ones we see in websites, or will it be arid/barren/not good for photography?
I know the towns will be OK for photography but I am not sure for the countryside.
It would be very hard to come multiple times to the same place from India. (lots of cost) and want to experience the region so that I don't go back repenting.
So I am seeking for advise that whether to choose mid-October for my travel to Tuscany or to postpone it. If so please tell me in which months to go too photograph the region in its full form.

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Photography in October


Let me just start by saying I checked out your site - and even if the land was barren and dry - - I think you have the talent to turn it into something absolutely beautiful ..... stunning pieces of artwork on your site!!

OK - so Tuscany in October. Could be because I have lived here for so long, but every season has its beauty and I love the colors that come out in Sept-Oct-Nov. The vineyards start to change color, there lots of places that offer mystic scenes with the fog that comes around this season, I love the multitude of colors in the Siena hills once they have tilled the land for the new crop, the forests come alive, and the cypress and olive trees are always green and full.

Perhaps the early in October will give you more play with the colors of summer - but I truly believe with your eye you will find the beauty of this area with no problem.

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Yeah dear Tuscany is an amazing location for photography. I am a photographer and usually visit various places for my photography projects. In this October I will visit Tuscany again to cover a destination wedding over there.