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Hello. My husband and I are taking a 12 day trip to Italy in June. We are starting in Rome. I've been, but would like him to experience a day there. Then we would like to head to Tuscany where our main focus will be food and wine. On this trip, we would like to have a base camp (farmhouse, villa, b&b) and take day trips. At some point or another, we would like to go to Cinque Terra, Siena and spend the last few days on the Amalfi Coast. My questions are: 1. Is this possible without be rushed? 2.Where is a good base? Montepulciano? Sienna? 3. Any recommendations for cooking schools? Any help is very much appreciated!



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12 days in Tuscany


If you really want to see the Amalfi coast, I would try doing that as a day trip while staying in Rome, to minimize your travel time and maximize your vacation time.

OR you could just visit Cinque Terre - which is just as lovely (no bias here :cool:)!

I would suggest if you are spending more than a week in Tuscany to look at making two bases, one in the south, closer to Siena.

check out these places for accommodations with a cooking class:

and then look at staying closer to Florence or Lucca - which will make a day trip to Cinque Terre easier.


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I agree with what Donna has proposed about having two bases (and doing Amalfi from Rome as it is closer or skipping it altogether since Cinque Terre offers a very similar coastal, cliff experience but in 12 days, I think you could do both).

I would suggest 2 days in Rome, another 2 to do the side trip and then travel back up, then the rest of the time in Tuscany which gives you 8 days. I think you can most definitely do Tuscany and 5T in that week. A base south of Siena is not a bad idea - take a look at the options here: http://www.tuscanyaccommodation.com/val-d-orcia/

You don't necessarily have to stay at a place that offers cooking classes, but it is of course very convenient. I would specifically also add to the suggestions Villa Poggio di Gaville, closer to Florence but in Chianti area, since a chef and his family runs it and his classes are awesome.
I would also add Podere Cunina who also offer cooking classes... but as a side note, if you just go for a place you like at it has a kitchen, you can get chef Fiamma to go do the cooking class at your place ;-).