Tuscany itinerary.


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Hello. I am really overwhelmed with all the information and trying to make our upcoming visit to Tuscany very memorable. We are driving to Italy and will be there for 1 week in mid July. It will be 5 of us,3 adults and 2 kids ages 4 and 6. Our plan is to visit Lucca,Pisa,Florence,Cinque Terre and Siena area.
I already found information on how to get to Cinque Terre,so this will be our 1 day trip.
I think we can combine 1 day for visiting Pisa and the rest of the day in Lucca
Florence will be a 1 day trip too.
Now I am really need a help with Siena area.We really want to see a scenic drives of Tuscany,see Siena(mainly the Cathedral) ,maybe just outside view of San Gimignano? Also the D'Orcia drive will be nice too and of course we want to try some wine. I found some routesfor scenic drives but i haven't really looked at them seriously yet.
We are staying at the villa near Lucca. Our accommodation is very close to the train station so we are planning to visit all the places except Siena by train. I know Siena it self like 1,5 drive from where we at which we don't mind. I am just thinking should we spend a night somewhere in or around Siena in order to see scenic drives, Siena cathedral and D'Orcia area and try some wine?
Also the wineries. is it possible to try a wine without tour?
I am really apologizing for so many questions and I hope they are make sense.
Thank you.