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Hi. We will be going to Tuscany for Four/Five days. I would like to spend two days in Florence, and than also visit Siena, Lucca, and maybe Chianti. My question is, am i better of staying in Florence the whole time and taking day trips to the other small towns, or would i be better off with accomdations in each town i stay in? After the Tuscany region, we will be heading to Positano for five nights.
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In my opinion, for what you said, you would be better off just staying in Florence and doing day trips. Lucca is west of florence and siena is south. Moving around that much loses you the time you would gain by being closer to each spot.

Chianti is not a town, it is the general region where Chianti wine is produced. I won't go into further detail to avoid boring you^^.


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Where to stay


Leonardo does have a point about moving around too much and losing time - however, I would suggest that you give yourself a little bit of a variation. I would personally choose to do [URL="http://www.visitflorence.com/itineraries-in-florence/two-days-in-florence.html"]two days in Florence[/URL] so you could truly enjoy the city and be close to the museums and monuments.

Then I would suggest the remaining three days in a B&B in the Tuscan countryside - perhaps in the Montespertoli area or near San Gimignano so that you could do easy day trips to the other cities on your list.

Have a look here for a list of places for rent by owner near San Gimignano: http://www.tuscanyaccommodation.com/san-gimignano/

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