Tuscany or Umbria or both?


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i am planning a trip with my sister to Tuscany or Umbria in May. We will likely be driving from the Netherlands to Italy and back and will have about 10 days in Italy. We prefer one base location, at the most two because we don't want to pack and unpack. We also would prefer to stay somewhere in the countryside. I have been to Florence and Rome, not sure if my sister has those on her 'must-see' list Any recommendations?


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or both?


I will have to admit, even with all the years I have lived in Italy I have not explored much of Umbria (could be that I am too busy discovering Tuscany? :p)

In any case, I would suggest two locations - one a bit central, like between Florence Pisa and Siena. This is just in case your sister does have some must-sees, you will be in a position to tick them off the list. Then you might want to move some place different - or even more "local".

Like heading in to Val di Chiana or Val d'Orcia. Both of which offere a wide range of things to see and do, including small towns, vineyards, food festivals and historic sites.

Val di Chiana has an extra plus, it is closer to Umbria, so if you want to jump on over - well, this could be a good start.

Read here to learn a bit more about these two areas:



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