Tuscany or Umbria stay?


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Ciao! We are a party of 4 spending 7 days in and around Tuscany/Umbria. We are planning on visiting Florence, Siena, Pisa and Luca as well as Montepulciano, Assisi, Piensa, San Gimignano and others. We found a wonderful place to stay in Anghiari but realise this is 100km distance from Florence and some of the places we want to spend time in. Would love your suggestion as to whether we should find accommodation in Chianti or within closer distance to Florence, Siena, Pisa. The villa is amazing and so quaint and remote which adds charm and loveliness to the trip but would hate to regret feeling we chose somewhere to stay too remote for our itinerary intentions. Thank you for helping!


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Staying in Anghiari


Anghiari is in Tuscany (not Umbria) - but it is to the extreme east and it really precludes "easy" day trips to several places on your list. The town is fantastic and the area around it offers quite a bit to visit and see (Sansepolcro, Arezzo, Casentino, Cortona, Assisi, and more).

However, if you want to see all the places on your list you might find that someplace just a little further west of Arezzo would put you in a more convenient location.

For example:


I love this area (near Anghiari), and have lived close by for several years - but I realize that for those looking to see Florence, Pisa, Lucca, San Gimignano and others - it is not easy to coordinate. For some of your day trips you could consider driving into Arezzo (which should really be on your list!) and taking the train to Florence, Pisa, or Lucca. That could save some driving hassle (parking navigating the highways, etc.) but the times are pretty much the same.

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