Tuscany- Spring or Fall?

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I have an itinerary that has us starting with 4 days in Rome, followed by 7 days in Tuscany, finishing with 3 days in Venice. We will be driving the 7 days, love going on long drives and seeing the beautiful landscapes and small towns of a region.

We hate the heat, and are trying to choose between the 2 seasons. which would you say is more “enchanting”, the spring time floral displays or the fall harvest time, and could you pinpoint the exact time in the month for each please?


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First of all i would say after reading your plan, i am impressed as all these three places are most amazing places of that area. Secondly i would say April to May is best time for enjoying spring views and September to October for Falls season but both months are highly demanding and expensive as well. Personally if i have to take a decision i will go to see nature's blooming views of spring that mesmerized me a lot.


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Spring vs Fall


Your itinerary looks like you are giving yourself enough time to really enjoy each location - good job!

Spring vs Fall -

Well I will say that Hannah has a point about the blossoms and floral display - through the fall is rich in the fruits and flavors of those floral displays, so it is hard to say :cool:

Here are two article which might help give you some insight on what the two seasons hold:



The only consideration I would add is that April and May can still have a bit of a nip in the air whereas, fall will / can offer some pretty hot days (with the sun) and the evenings and mornings will be cool or brisk.

you will probably want to avoid June, July, and August - peak hot season.

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