Tuscany - Sunflower field available for pre-wedding photo

Rico C

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Hi all!

I and my fiancee will be travelling to Tuscany for pre-wedding photo taking.

We both love the sunflower field view and would like to take some photos there.

Did a bit of research before, seems there are plenty of sunflower fields around Colle di Val d'Elsa.

Anyone know if those sunflower fields are free to take photo, or any application/procedures beforehand?

Also, any other suggestion for location sunflower field that are free to take photos?

We will be staying in Florence so it would be better if the locations are around 1 hrs driving from Florence.

Many thanks for your help!

Pro Loco Sovicille

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Sunflower fields

there are a lot of sunflower fields in the countryside around Siena (Colle Val d'Elsa is part of the province of Siena) - normally you can take pictures nearby (unless it is a private property). The important thing is that you come when the sunflowers are blooming (July/August).
p.s.: Sovicille is also a nice location where there are a lot of sunflower fields...


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Sunflowers in Tuscany

Buongiorno -

you really don't need to go to far from Florence to find fields (and fields and fields) of sunflower, just head towards Mugello.

There are quite a few near Fattoria Ricci

and you can also look at Agriturismo Topaia

the sunflower fields are practically attached. Normally you don't need "permission" however be cautious of not destroying the field as you go through it. My experience is that you will probably need some kind of pedestal or ladder for the photographer in order to get those really good shots.

Buon Viaggio!!

Donna Denise