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We are in our 60's and were thinking of going to Tuscany on our own. Looking for a place where they can arrange tours, cooking lessons, horseback riding, good food etc. Never been to Italy. Want to stay in same place for entire time..any thoughts on where to stay. Thank you, Kathy


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I am going to start by suggestion that you read these two articles for an idea of where to base yourself, lots of things will influence this decision, first and foremost is how much driving you want to do!

Specifics about Florence: https://www.visitflorence.com/florence-accommodation/where-to-stay-in-florence.html
Ideas for Tuscany in general: https://www.discovertuscany.com/tuscany-accommodation/where-to-stay-in-tuscany.html

Once you have browsed through these places, then you can look into tours and cooking classes - many times your accommodations can help you with in house services.

Personally, if you prefer not to drive, I would choose to stay in one of the larger cities where you have access to the national trains and buses - Florence is an excellent choice. It also happens to be where many tours depart, so you will have a wider selection of activities. Below are two articles which can give you a head start on some of our best loved tours:


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Thanks, Donna, the information was very helpful..I will probably have more questions after I do more research..This is a great site and thank you for all your help to us travelers. Kathy