Tuscany Trip Need Help !!!!!


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Hi to all,

We are visiting Tuscany area for 7days from 27/7 to 3/8 and we have already booked the following:

5 nights to Castelnuovo Berardenga (near Siena) where we want to explore the area around (e.g. visit to Siena, Florence). We have rented a car for this purpose. Can you recommend me any more places of interest to visit in this area??

1 night in Elba island (which i think is not enough). Again any places of interest to see on the island in one day?

1 night in Pisa (our last night) which we booked here since our departure is early in the morning from Pisa airport.

So my basic question is: Are the 5 days in Castelnuovo Berardegna too many to explore the area? Is it worth it to sacrifice one day out of five and spend it on the island of Elba?? (i.e.2 days in Elba?)

Thank you in advance for your help and looking forward for your responses.


Tuscany is a great place for visiting, it has lots of attraction and the major attractions are Florence, Siena and Elba Island. It is a good place for spending vacations. I like to go there and want to spend my vacations there.


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I also need a lot of help. I would like to retire permanently in italy, and need the contacts for appartments to rent on a permanent bases. Plan on traveling Sept 3, 2012. I will only need a one bedroom, one bath, kitchen, and no garage. Walking distant to local markets, stores and resturants would be nice. Quotes in US Dollars would be nice. Thank you Richard


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Retiring in Italy - what stage are you at?

Ciao Richard,

If you want to retire in Italy, you definitely have to start doing lots of research because it isn't easy. I'd recommend taking a look at http://www.expatsinitaly.com/ which offers a great deal of information on making this dream come true.

You'll need much more than looking for long term apartments for rent - you'll need to get the right type of permit to be able to live here just to start, before you even consider an apartment.

In the meantime, if you're coming this September to take a look around, do you already know how long you'll be here? Where would you like to stay, for example in Florence or a smaller town?
We can help you in your planning, but we are not a travel agency so cannot offer quotes, just suggestions of who you can contact to help you along in your planning.
If you give us more info on the stage you're at in making this dream come true, it will be easier to offer suggestions and tips! We're happy to help if we have a bit more info :)