Two day parking on Via dei Bardi near Pont Vecchio


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Dear Friends,

I will be staying on Via dei Bardi near the Pont Vecchio from Tuesday May 30 around 12 noon until Thursday June 1 around 4pm. What garage would you recommend? Should I look for a garage that is maybe a 5-10 minute walk away that might be cheaper?

What do you think it would cost per day on average?

Thanks very much!


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Have you taken a look at the map on the parking page here?

Remember that Lungarno Torrigiani is closed after the collapse of the street in late May so you'll have to arrive from Piazza Pitti direction. Looking at the private parking lots (see here:, the closest one to Via Bardi is Garage Lungarno which is really close to via dei Bardi. Cost is 30 euro per day, so you pay for the proximity. The next closest is the one in Porta Romana and the ones in Piazza Beccaria / Piazza Ghiberti. Both are not within 10 min walking from Via dei Bardi, I would say more like 20 minutes both. Both of these do NOT have daily fees so you'd pay per hour... and at 1.70-2 euro per hour, you'd end up paying more each day.