Two days for road trips from Florence - ideas??


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We will be visiting Florence in October and will have a car for two days to take road trips out of Florence to the surrounding towns and countryside. Our home base will be an apartment in Florence. We love history and also wine.

I was thinking that for one day we would leave in the morning and drive SR 222 down to Sienna, tour around there until after lunch and then drive to San Gimignano to visit and have dinner, and then drive back to Florence. Is this doable in a rental car? Is it enough time? Would it be better to break this up between the two days? If we can do this trip in one day, where would you recommend we visit the 2nd day?

Open for any suggestions and ideas. Thank you!

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Two days for road trips from Florence

our suggestions;
1st day; the SR 222 (Chiantigiana) that you have mentioned is a very beautiful road! Before reaching Siena, you could stop in Castellina in Chianti. Siena offers a lot! We think including also San Gimignano the same day is probably too much!
2nd day; you could dedicate your second trip to the visit of San Gimignano and Volterra (both very beautiful towns)! If you need other information, get in touch with us!
Tourist information office, Sovicille (Siena)


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Fully agree with the above - divide it up in 2 days to see each place at a more leisurely pace and enjoy it more!