Two nights in Tuscany.. Don't really want to drive .Suggestions??

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I am planning two nights in Tuscany (Greve/Panzano) and was hoping to accomplish two things (Hot Springs and Winery) but without driving. We are coming from Florence and already have the Italy rail pass. We were going to take bus to Panzano to stay in country side and go to wineries.

I hear renting a car on a Sunday in Florence is a nightmare if it can even be done and then returning it as well can be a pain since I believe most car rentals are at airport. For two nights we were hoping to avoid that hassle. The second day was hoping to go to a wine tour and wanted to see if there was a service that would pick us up and take us there. Then there is no drinking and driving as well. I e-mailed a few wineries but waiting to hear back.

Would we miss too much by not having a car. Is it worth the hassle? For the limited amount of time we are in Tuscany are there other options that you know of. I googled a few private drivers but it seems like they are more suited for group tours. Any advice??

I also wanted to go to Hot Springs but they seem to be pretty far south and not easy to get to so I am thinking of skipping them.

We are going in three weeks and I am getting nervous about the Tuscany part. The rest of the trip seems easy because of the train accessibility.



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Two nights is definitely not a lot and if you don't want to worry about driving, then the best option is to consider an organized tour, particularly for the wine tasting.... but if you're getting to Panzano with bus, then you are surrounded by wineries - all you need to do is take the road out of Panzano for a little bit and find a winery or two that offers tastings, as well as visits (some do require booking ahead of time so contact them before).
Here are two to look at:

As far as hot springs, there are many all over Tuscany.... but many of them are no longer "open" as far as being out in the outdoors, if that is what you were imagining. The ones that remain so do remain in southern Tuscany and thus hard to reach without a car.
If you want to experience the hot springs are far as the spa experience go, all you need to do is head to Montecatini Terme by train from Florence.... or Chianciano Terme if you're heading south after being in Tuscany, it is along the train line going to Rome. Any town with "terme" in the name indicates there is or was at some time thermal waters in the area, so San Giuliano Terme north of Pisa also counts! Except for Saturnia and Petriolo and Bagno Vignoni, which remain among the more popular hot springs with an outdoor source still available, most have spas built around them (as is the case at the same 3 above, as well) for a more "organized" and pampered visit. You do need a shower after going to them after all, otherwise you stink! LOL! :)


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P.S. I forgot to add, that if you want to revisit the two nights in Tuscany and do wine tours but departing from Florence, you could do that - check out the wider selection you'd have available here:

You could also at that point do this crazy tour of Tuscany in 1 day -
to at least get a taste of it, then plan a return trip just dedicated to Tuscany! ;)