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Hello. We have 15 nights in Italy. We get in late on May 6, flying into Rome. Our flight home is from Milan Malpensa. Thinking of doing four nights Rome, picking up a rental car (outside Rome?), ultimately driving to Florence with two nights maybe Siena, three nights or four nights Florence (with day trip to Pisa/Lucca), three nights Cinque Terre, and maybe two nights Lake Como. Is this a reasonable schedule? I was thinking during the trip to Florence visiting Orvieto, maybe Civita same day; staying in or near Siena and visiting the next day Siena; then visiting San Gimignano on the way to staying in Florence.

Also wondering if would be better to do five nights in Rome with a day trip to Orvieto; fast train to Florence and staying five nights there with bus trip to Siena and train one day to Pisa/Lucca; then Cinque Terre; Lake Como. Would we miss much by not doing the drive? Would it be much simpler? We are not afraid of the driving.

Also, with the fist scenario, someone mentioned picking up the train in Orvieto after taking the train there, but seems like if we are getting the car for only two nights, we should drive.

And, if first scenario seems reasonable, wondering what driving route to take.

Sorry - so many questions. But thank you in advance for any input you can give me. Really appreciate it.


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Oriveto is absolutely a charming stop between Rome and Siena (check out this forum post for some more info).

I would drive to Orvieto, visit and a night there then drive up to Siena using the secondary roads so you can visit the marvelous landscape and Val d'Orcia. At that point one night in Siena could be enough...but two is always good. :cool: You could always add a few wineries and tastings into the itin!! Montalcino and Orcia DOC would be right on your way.

Then your time frame for Florence looks great.

You could train it to Orvieto and then Florence, but once you are out of Rome the car ride is pretty straightforward and very panoramic if you take the back road up towards Siena.

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Thank you so much, Donna, for the advice. So I am going to be thinking about adding a night and doing what you suggested. Can you tell me the route to take from Orvieto to Siena? So appreciate it!


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Route to Siena

The last time I did this trip with my sister in April 2016, we left Orvieto and headed towards Acquapendente, and then followed SR2 all the way up.

There is a detour at Radicofani, but the town is worth the stop.

It is all two lane road in good condition with spectacular views.

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Just remember in both Siena and Florence to select accommodation with parking included -- which could mean in the city but NOT in the historical center as both of them have Limited Traffic Zones into which you CANNOT drive into (otherwise you get fines). Parking is always troublesome in Florence (as well as traffic) so staying out the center should be more relaxing in the end ;-). You can walk into or take bus into downtown to pick up trains at SMN or just to sightsee.

Read more about the driving and the ZTL in Florence here: