Types of Uffizi Tickets


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I would like to book the Guided tour of Uffizi but what does the "Full", "Reduced" and "Free" tickets mean? I don't know which one to pick.


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Understanding Tickets


It can be a bit confusing (because everyone wants to take advantage of any discounts along the way!)

Free tickets - are obviously free - and one of the easiest ways is to go on the first Sunday of the month and the great thing,is that its not jus tthe Uffizi that is free:

Full price is obviously - full price as the name suggests.

Reduced price is a reduction according to certain requirements.

and you can read through this page with the list of "official" definitions: https://www.uffizi.it/en/pages/free-and-reduced-tickets

You might find this article to include some useful info about the tickets:

As of March 2018 - you also get free entrance into MAF - another really great museum!

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If you're interested in booking a GUIDED TOUR of the Uffizi Gallery, the cost of the tour already includes a ticket, regardless of whether you qualify for full, reduced or free ticket. You end up paying equally for the tour itself, ticket included.

If you're looking at tickets, note that it doesn't include a tour of the museum -- the museum does NOT offer tours directly, only an audio guide that you rent on the spot after you've passed security before you go upstairs to enter the museum.