Uffizi ticket time allowance?


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Hello, We will be visiting Florence on a tight schedule, arriving from Rome near 12:00. We are planning a short visit to the Uffizi, and were considering tickets for 15:00 (3 pm). The ticket window is 15 minutes--are the tickets valid later if we are delayed?

Thanks for any help.


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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If you book for 3pm, you have to try to be there by then to pick up tickets and enter at least by 3.15pm, otherwise you won't be allowed entrance.

I assume you have to check in and drop luggage at your hotel, have lunch as well? A quick visit later in the day often means less crowded rooms, so going even later around 5pm should give you enough time to spend time inside and enjoy the works.... and give you more time to settle in Florence.