Unfortunate reschedule of October 2020 trip

It's beginning to look like my wife and I will not be able to take our trip to Florence and Montepluciano this October due to the restrictions. Given what you know now, would you recommend rescheduling for May 2021 or September/October 2021? I know that no one knows where the world will be then but from a "best time to visit" which would you recommend? Thanks

Uomo Grasso

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Are you traveling from the US? If so, it might be wiser to schedule for a later trip to anywhere in the EU. Apparently COVID is getting worse in the US. It is going to take some time to bring the case load down to an acceptable number that will allow for safe travel. Host countries that have managed to flatten their curve need to be very careful to avoid recurrence. One HOPES that travel might be back to "normal" by late next year.


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As Uomo Grasso already so aptly recommended, it would be better for later rather than earlier. The cases in the US have only gotten worse since this summer and things are not looking great here in Italy at the moment either. We expect this to be a long winter, considering here in Tuscany we are in the "red" zone at the moment and are in lockdown, except that school for middle school and younger is still open, so as parents of small kids we can go out to take the kids to school and pick them up. Hoping the cases come back down and that we will return to less restrictions, but at the moment all museums are closed, most shops are closed except for some considered essential (at least the list is wider than they were back in spring) and restaurants are only allowed to offer take out or delivery.

I do hope that by October of next year some travel will be possible, in the meantime we can dream and go ahead with planning, but if you haven't bought plane tickets yet I would suggest to hold off on getting them. If you had to reschedule and pick dates already, I suggest going for October rather than spring considering how things are at the moment.

Let us know whether you have questions about itineraries -- while we can't be certain of the details, we can certainly offer help in general itinerary planning! ;-)