Validating Tramvia ticket


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Hi all. For anyone who has used the Tramvia/bus system, everything I have read says that you MUST validate you ticket, but no-one has says HOW to do this. I buy the ticket, get on the vehicle and ? How do I get it validated? Thanks a million!

Uomo Grasso

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There is a little box attached to one of the poles on the bus/tram. It is very easily seen. The ticket is inserted into the slot. You will hear the ticket being stamped, then you can remove it.


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The validating machine can either be right by the door in the newer buses or right around the corner at the top of the aisle if you get on in the front of the bus or right to your right as you enter from the back of the bus. Most older buses have 3 doors, you can get in from the front one and back one, and the middle one if for getting off.

The newer buses only have 2 doors, you have to get on at the front of the bus and use the second middle doors to get off.

The machines print/stamp date and time on the ticket and you have 90 minutes from that time for the ticket to be valid, you can get on and off buses while you still have time on that ticket.

Hope this is useful to anyone else with similar questions!