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If we visited the Uffizi Gallery and does it include the Vasari Corridor. Or can you buy a ticket at the same time as you buy the Gallery ticket? Or do we have to leave the gallery, to go to a meeting point outside as they say the Vasari tour starts at 3.30pm?
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Ciao Diamond,

A visit to the Vasari Corridor is completely separate from the ticket to visit the Uffizi Gallery... at the moment, you can only visit the Vasari Corridor through external tour agencies that organize the groups to visit it. If you do book a tour, then your tour will include a ticket to get into the Uffizi as the entrance to the corridor is through the Uffizi. I know, it can get confusing... the tour you buy will tell you whether to meet outside at a certain point and then you all head in or whether you go in and then meet within at a certain point to start the tour.

We recommend several through our partner Viator - you can see them here:
Some are just the Corridor, no Uffizi gallery tour, others do include a tour of the Uffizi first. If you want to see the Uffizi, you have to try to see it before the tour as once you end the tour at the other end (it exits at the Boboli Gardens) you can't go back into the Uffizi again.


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Vasari Corridor


I had the privledge to view the Vasari Corridor with a private tour and just to be able to walk over Ponte Vecchio was exciting.

However, I would caution that the artwork contained in these halls are portraits and the theme is very precise. If you are not paarticularly knowledgable about art and the subject manner you might find the tour a bit . . . long. The excitment of walking through these hallowed halls is definitely exhilerating, I just caution high expectations on the artwork.

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