Venice to Mugello


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I will be arriving in Venice in early September, staying for two days then leaving for Mugello for a 4 day stay. What is the best way to travel? We plan to rent a car. Should we rent a car in Venice or take a train to Florence, then rent a car from there?
Thank you for any tips.


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Getting to Mugello


If you are curious about visiting towns along the way from Venice to Florence, then definitely get a car and enjoy a leisurely drive.

However, if you are really planning on spending your time exploring Tuscany then I would train it into Florence and pick-up your car there. The time is just about the same - but it is so much more relaxing!

Mugello and Florence have so much to offer! You can easily spend all four days wandering the area.

Normally when I plan on visiting Venice or taking family from Florence - I book the train. They are convenient and frequent services and I spend my time just enjoying the scenery.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise