Villa/Apartmental rental close to Florence with Bathtub


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We are looking for an apartment or Villa rental very close to Florence. I like the look of the Winery Fattorias and Farmhouse etc etc . BUT it has to have a bathtub for medical reasons. . We are 2 persons but would like a 2 bedroom preferably. I have looked at so many. Most of them do not appear to have bathtubs unfortunately.

It would be nice if it had a restaurant but not essential like the bathtub.

We will be driving so good secure parking is essential

The closer to Florence the better.

Hope you can help me



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A bathtub


It can be tricky finding a tub - most places choose a shower over a tub for space reasons, but also water conservation.

However, almost everyone has at least one apartment with a tub because owners know that parents prefer to use a tub for their young children.

Have you inquired to all the first page of names on this link for wineries with accommodations near Florence - A lot of places don't think of putting photos of the bathrooms online, so you really need to write them and be specific, bagno con vasca...which means bathroom with a tub.

This is a list of accommodations with restaurants onsite, you could also check them out, I have visited Vicolabate and I know they have a two-bedroom apartment with a tub. AND an awesome panoramic position.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise