Villa di Pratolino


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My daughter came across Villa di Pratolino and it looks so beautiful. She is very hopeful to visit while we are in Florence. However I read that it only opens to the public on weekends.Unfortunately we will be there only on Monday and Tuesday. I read also that we can write in advance to request a visit on weekdays. I wrote to them but the email address is incorrect. Can anyone share more information on this or give me some advice? Thank you so much, I am ever grateful for your help.


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That is true, the park is generally just open on the weekends. What email address did you write to?
The full list of contacts is here:
but I don't see anything for "visits".
I would try this one but to be honest, not sure how willing they are to schedule openings for a few people. I know that they do so for groups, not sure what the minimum is though.
Rita Poli - Telefono: 055-2761419 - mail: