Villas (stand alone) vs Farmhouse - Family Vacation

Ramiro V

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Hi there
We are a family of six (two adults, two teenagers, two younger kids 11 and 7) and this is our first trip to Italy arriving end of June.

This forums is very helpful, and so is you Lourdes. However I did not quite find the answers to some of my questions so I will ask here. We were originally looking for a villa, but then I found out the Farmhouses type of accommodation, so:

1- What is a better accommodation for a family with kids a stand alone/detached Villa or a Farmhouse?
2- I thought a farmhouse included activities for children but I did not see many? Which ones include grape picking, olives harvesting, etc? We are definitely looking for one with a pool
3- Do farmhouse include common areas? Does it include only private rooms and the rest is common area?
4- What are the best locations that include
a- central location
b- mountain views
5- Last one not related to accommodation, what is the best place to rent a car (I actually just did DiscoverCarHire, but want to double check.
Thank you