Vineyard near Florence - without a car

Noa Rozendorn

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Hello everyone!

I'm arriving to Florence soon for a few days and I would like to take a tour in one of the vineyards near the city. The problem is that I will be using public transportation.
Can you recommend me on a good vineyard which is reachable by bus/train?



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Two of my favorites:

The first place is barely outside of Florence - not very well known and most probably requires an appointment. But in my opinion well worth it, if not for the wines then for the views and to experience a Medicea villa. They also have beautiful apartments and it is all set in a stupendous garden with cantina and wine tasting. You would take a bus to Grassina --- there is a walk to the vineyard, however they maybe open to a pick up. Just ask for Erik and see what he can offer.

This one has a bus that drops you off right in front of the vineyard, and offers awesome views and wines...again check for reservations. The buses are not frequent so be sure to check the schedules before you book your tasting.

However, to be really honest, probably the best way to do a little wine tasting and view some Tuscan scenery is to check out one of the smaller organized tours into Chianti:

Buon Viaggio,
Donna Denise


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Closed in November?

Thanks for the information. Do you know if the Vineyards are closed at the beginning of November?

Grazie :)


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Hi -

some vineyards may close - only because they are just wrapping up their harvest and the busy tourist season - BUT the ones I mentioned to you have an area dedicated to the wine tasting and they shouldn't close. In any case, it is always wise to make a reservation or at the very least call and talk to them before arriving. If they already have a group coming in you can either avoid it and go one on one or you can join in with the very least you will be sure of their hours for that day.

Donna Denise