Vineyard visit from ViaReggio


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My wife and I are travelling to ViaReggio for 1 week shortly. We would like to know what is the best way to go about visiting a local vineyard, nothing fancy just a simple visit with some tasting.

Also, any restraunts recommended? Also any little day trips or things to do while in ViaReggio would be a great help.


Jason & Corinne from Scotland


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Ciao Jason,

Sounds like you plan on staying around Viareggio for most of the time and you want to do things in the area - which is great! Will you have a car? There are many itineraries to do in the area - from the beach (which is winding down as the weather gets cooler) to the marble quarries to visiting the castles in the area or even going hiking up into the Apuan Alps. Also, if you've never been, a drive to Florence is required, as is a visit to Lucca and Pisa, both not far away.
Here are some ideas for itineraries from Viareggio:

As far as wine tastings go, you'll have to go toward Lucca as the coast along Viareggio is not wine country. But there are excellent wines around Lucca - you can see a list of some wineries in the area here: