Vineyards near Capannori & Lucca


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Hello again,

I'm searching for a vinyard to buy wine for my wedding. I visited Colle di Borocheo last year and I've been trying to search online but it comes up with B&Bs. Does anyone have any recommendations, website or advice?
We could always go the super market but I would rather not.


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colle di bordocheo does offer wine as well as apartments

Ciao Gemma,

As you can read from our post on this upcoming wine festival near Lucca, the Montecarlo area produces some fine wines.

Going to local estates will definitely be the best solution for buying large quantities for your wedding rather than going through the supermarket - email them and see what they propose!!

Here are some suggestions: <--- these produce wine as well as sell other labels in BULK quantities!

As for the one you were looking for........ I think it is Colle di Bordocheo and here is their listing - in Capannori:
The website is: and do produce wines as well as offer accommodation in apartments.

Hope this is useful!!


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Re: colle di bordocheo does offer wine as well as apartments

That's a great help Lourdes, thank you....28 days to go, not that i'm counting :cool: