Visit Tuscany in March/April, 2017


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Hello Members,

From the blog of "Gustavo Woltmann" I am astonished by seeing the beauty of Tuscany and just decided to visit there coming March/April.

Now its my humble request to you all, give me some idea about Tuscany, its cultural, costing, weather.

Looking forward for your reply.
Thanks in advance. :)


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Weather wise, March-April should have the most perfect weather, not too hot and not too cold, altough there will always be a small chance of rain, just not as much as January-February. The downside is that this is also exactly when tourism starts winding up again, so expect big cities and popular attraction places to start being overcrowded.

Culture wise we have ALOT of history and historical places to visit. If you like art, focus on the big cities and the museums. Otherwise, maeby just visit the cities and go enjoy the "real" fun in the countryside.
The people are generaly VERY hospitable altough if you find old generation Tu8scans (a rare breed) that may not be the first impresion you get, be patient.
Did i mention we are food and wine fanatics :)? We almost worship these things. We are also very purist in our aproach to food. Don't mention French food around here ^^.

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March & April


You might find it useful to read through these two articles which can give you an idea of annual events in both March and April.

keep in mind that they are updated as we get closer and closer to the month and new information is posted by the local authorities, and remember last year Easter was in March and this year it is in April.

Easter in Tuscany:
Easter in Florence:
An event not to miss in Florence:

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise