Visiting a farm/Kids activity in Tuscany


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Dear all,

I'm visiting Florence and looking for a day trip farm visit for my kids, we wish to see nice scenic place with activities. Since I'm travelling with two kids and two elderly who doesn't drink wine, wine tasting is out of question. I wonder if there's a place like a farmhouse place -which I won't be spending the night (hotel are paid for in Florence).

A couple of animals and nice meal would be fine, we are looking forward to a 1-3 hours visit only.

Thank you very much in advance for your kind help.


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Hi dear,
have a look at this thread:

As Cristina said, I sugget you contact the farmhouse owner directly to be sure there are farm animals.
The last one, Le Casine di Castello, offers several activites for children to discover farm animals: ask them if they are dedicated to the farmhouse guests only or if your children can partecipate also.
It is located about an hour and a half driving distance from Florence, amidst the marvellous countryside of Valdorcia.
Agriturismo La Ripa, set in the Mugello valley north of Florence, seems to be the right solution for you: it's closer then the first one and also offers educational alctivities with animals for children, as well as the Agriturismo Palazzo Vecchio.
However, I strongly suggest you to verify the possibility to take part in the activities: just email them and explain your needs and what would you like your children to explore and see in a real working Tuscan farm!


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Specifically, I can recommend this one:
as they are less than 30 minutes from Florence and have animals on the farm.
Lara does cooking lessons as well, so you could combine the two to maybe have an entire fun day out.

Farm animals at this one too:

While they both offer accommodation, they are also very focused on their farm activities so I am sure they are open to having visitors from outside of their guests.

Montalbino also has a restaurant, so this option works well for a more laid back sort of day out at a farm :)

Have fun with the kids and parents out in Tuscany :)