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I read with great interest the suggested itinerary on Medieval Castles where Aramo is mentioned. My husband's grandfather was born in Aramo. We drove to the little hill village and walked around the last time we were in Italy.

I am trying to find out if there is restaurant in Aramo. We were told there was a restaurant but could not find one when walking around. Does anyone know of a restaurant in Aramo or nearby? We are returning to Italy and would love to take our sons to Aramo to eat. Thank you!


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Chiara wrote that article and knows the area well, so we'll wait for her input!

Aramo looks quite the charming medieval town, there is usually something in these little towns... maybe not necessarily right in the center of town, but it could be on the road up and down into the town at one of the "agriturismo".

Having said that, I wasn't able to find anything on Google maps.... but see there is a Trattoria Manero and a pizzeria on the town across the valley, in Vellano. So in the worst of cases, you might have to go a few km away.


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Well, Aramo is just a small village with less than one hundred inhabitants, so you won't find any restaurant here...such a shame, I know! There'as an agriturismo selling typical products, called Poggetto Pellegrini: you could visit it or just contact the owner, maybe they can arrange something for you (I'm only guessing...). This is their website:

Otherwise, there are several restaurants in the other castella of the Svizzera Pesciatina if you don't mind a 10 minutes drive. In Pietrabuona there's Trattoria da Nerone, whose most delicious specialities are mushrooms (porcini, typical of the area).

Sorana is home to two restaurants I strongly suggest you to try: Da Carla and Da Sandrino - phone number: +39 0572 407014 - once again, mushrooms are what you MUST eat if you come here.

In Castelvecchio there's the characteristic restaurant La Pieve.

Finally, some of the local associations - called circoli in Italian - often arrange a sort of social dinners with typical dishes or pizza in one or more rooms dedicated to the association, but you need to ask directly to local bar owners for more information, since there are no ads or online info.

Enjoy your vacation in Tuscany :)