Visiting in early October.


Any advice on a good coastal base from which to do a bit of sightseeing around some of the Tuscany Region and possibly Cinque Terre? I am hoping to go in early October. Ideally I would like somewhere I could swim in the sea and walk on a nice beach. Also somewhere with good public transport as a car would not be an option. I am a woman travelling alone in my 50's. I have been to Rome many times and have been to many places in the south but not Tuscany so am not at all familiar with the Region. I will be staying for a week. I love scenery and anything to do with history( especially ancient Roman and Etruscan history). Sorry for the long post!!


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Visiting Tuscany in October


October isn't always warm enough to do some swimming - unless you are used to more brisk water temps. However the further south you go along the Tuscan coast the more likely you are to be able to dip your toes in the lovely waters.

There are some great places along the south for searching out historical sites - in fact Lourdes wrote a forum response in full detail which you might want to check out. I have been to Roselle and loved it; it is so quiet and special and so very un-touristy.

The Maremma is a great place to visit if you want to mix beach time with history and good food.

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Thank you DonnaDenise! I live on the far West of Ireland on the Atlantic seaboard where the sea is freezing even in summer so the water temperature will be great for me! I will check out your suggestions.