Visiting Tuscany for the first time in January 2018


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Good day

I please need some advice, my husband and I will be embarking on our first holiday and unfortunately because we are doing the Mediterranean Cruise in January, this the only time we will get to spend in Tuscany.

Please can you give me some advice: Is Siena the best place to use as our base?
We would love to visit the thermal springs.
Is Cinque Terre good to visit in January?

Thank you so much, looking for to your reply.

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January in Tuscany


Don't despair - Tuscany is beautiful no matter what season you come to visit.

If you can brace yourself for some cool temps getting in and out of the thermal waters - then absolutely january is a great time to visit. :eek: Here are a few articles that might help.

Siena makes a great base for getting around, you can stay in the city center or just on the outskirts - this link will give you a few ideas:

Personally, I think you will enjoy the landscape of Tuscany more than Cinque Terre in this month.

A few other links you might appreciate:

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise