Visiting wineries in Panzano without car


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Is there a taxi in Panzano? WE are taking the bus from Florence to Panzano and want to visit some of the wineries in Panzano. Are there any wineries within walking distance?


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There is one taxi service in the area, but it doesn't work like a taxi stand, you need to call them and book ahead of time.
I would suggest getting in touch, asking for price estimates and, if you want to go ahead, booking a date and time so that you know you will have the transport. Don't wait until the last minute. They are called Chianti Taxi -

The alternative and one you should consider, is rather than take a bus from Florence to Panzano and then arrange a taxi, is to get a tour directly from Florence. You can either for go a private tour (such as this one) or join a small or larger tour group (shared costs) that will take you directly from Florence into Chianti to several wine estates for wine tastings. Check out some tours here:


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my wife and I stayed in Tuscany in January, a really fantastic place !!
Absolutely to visit Lucca and Pisa. We also did the wine tour, and we hired a taxi with driver ( Chianti Winetasting Tour )
If you need more information, ask us. We also ate in excellent restaurants :)

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