Volcano Ash & Air Quality


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How's the air quality at ground level due to the volcano activity. We're scheduled to fly in tomorrow to Rome and travel by rail to our villa in Tuscany, but we're concerned that the air quality may hamper our hiking plans. What do you think? We're scheduled to be there for two weeks.:(


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air quality has not been affected

Ciao rapz,

Hope you see this before you head off to the airport!

As you already probably know, many airports in Europe have closed down due to the ash moving down from Iceland. London, Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam are completely closed and all flights in and out are cancelled. In northern Italy most airports are closed this weekend until tomorrow at 8 a.m. Yesterday majority of flights to/out of Pisa and Florence were cancelled. Not because ash has reached us but because most flights in and out make stops in the other European airports and cancellations affect all. The Rome airports have seen many flights cancelled but not all.... it depends where you're flying in from, as long as you're flying directly into Rome from outside of Europe you'll be fine getting here.

As for the ash, air quality so far has not been affected in Italy but whether that will change depends on whether the volcano keeps its activity up, on the winds and temperature.
No ash has reached Tuscany so far, and we might be okay, the important thing while you are here for your hiking plans is to keep checking the situation of the volcano and direction of ash.... I am sure all weather forecasts will be making mention of it if it arrives in Tuscany.

We're planning on going out for a short hike near Florence today, the sun is out and shining - spring is here and flowers are a blooming. It is likely you will be enjoying great hiking in Tuscany while you are here :)


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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There has been an update and the La Repubblica news source is saying that the ash cloud, in a very diluted form, is reaching Italy and Tuscany by sometime today.

We haven't changed our own plans to go out hiking today and later on this week, but I guess we'll just have to see how the situation develops.

Have a good trip!