Volunteering in Tuscany


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I just wondered if anyone knew of volunteer work on farms during the summer in Tuscany. I am finishing my Music University Degree this year and I intend on traveling in and around Tuscany. I would love for nothing more than to work on a farm in this region. I have visited Tuscany before and thought it was beautiful, It would be great to come back. I often Busk with my guitar in England and this is something I would like to pursue in Italy, when I came over here last time everyone was very respectful and appreciated the music that I played, but mainly it would be great to just live here for a little while. If you could help me out..I would appreciate it :)



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Volunteering in Tuscany farms

Dear Dave,

I have to say that is not easy to find information to answer your question.

Even though Tuscany has plenty of farms, not many organize volunteering programs for foreigners. I actually found just two websites that had some interesting info:

  • Workaway - they have various offers for hosting families across Italy, as well in Tuscany.

  • Helpexchange - working ads for different jobs in farms in Italy

Note that high season for tourism will be starting soon and I think in the next weeks you could find more ads of this kind. There are many different types of cultivations in Tuscany. For example for grape-picking starts in August, while for olives starts at the end of October.

I hope this helps to start your research and plan your break in Tuscany.
I also hope you'll share your experience with us, while here in Tuscany or once you are back home :D