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Hi, I was wondering if you can help me. My partner and I are visiting Florence for 6 days (4 really if you exclude travel days) and I had a couple of questions,

1) How walkable is Florence as I was considering getting the Firenze card, and am aware that it includes travel on public transport - which is great, but I'm not sure useful if you have the option to walk everywhere.

2) I was looking at taking one of the cooking classes, was wondering if you'd heard anything about them? http://www.florencecookingclasses.com.

any advice would be most appreciated,

Tammy. :)


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Walking Florence


Walking Florence is very do-able and the extra plus (besides walking off all the extra calories from the pizza and gelato) is that you see so many interesting buildings, people and shops! Walking Florence won't take away from you 4 days (for example, too much time spent looking for places) I am confident it will add to your appreciation of this incredible city.

Uomo Grasso is absolutely spot on, the only place that came to mind that you might want to use the bus is Piazzale Michelangelo - but if you are walkers, then even that is a nice walk.

Buon Viaggio


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Buongiorno, Uomo Grasso & DonnaDenise,

Thanks for the replies, makings things lots easier, to plan - Florence looked pretty walkable on Google maps, but I just wanted check to be sure.

Hope you both had a good time on your trips. Thanks again for the advice,

all the best