walking around Greve


We would love to go walking around Greve. The tourist office only has major treks. I'm thinking anything up to about 8-9kms. Where can I look for maps?



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We've done 3-4 walks around Greve but remember the CAI/trails aren't well marked - especially because the trails are on unpaved roads that connect farms. So in the end, most of the walks are partly on actual paved roads and part on the so-called "white" unpaved roads that connect many of the farms in the countryside.

We have 1.) a 1:25000 map of the area with trails marked on them and 2.) a book called "a piedi in toscana" which describes the walks we've done.
I'd you can get the map at a local book shop, then you can do at least 2 of the ones we've done although I'm going from memory here so bear with me.

1. Ring around Badia di Passignano: about 3-4 hrs taking it slow. Wasn't too long and most of it on the unpaved roads, starting at the badia and heading down to the south passing right under the agruturismo poggio al sole nd returning from the road that comes from Greve. With a map in hand you'll see the roads. I can see the road on google naps even. You arrive at a crossroads for the Cantinetta di Rignana, there is at least one picnic table there if you want to take a picnic along. At that point, you should turn left up the hill toward strada provinciale 118. We've never made it to the Cantinetta but think it's popular as we saw several cars headed that way for lunch ;)

2. Ring around Montefioralle: from montefioralle you head out the back (away from Greve) and make your way to the Macina di San Cresci. Lots of vineyards in this area as you've already seen. We didn't make it all the way to Greve but cut across by farms to go back to montefioralle.

3. Just remembered we did another walk around the Castello di Uzzano. Both the Badia walk and this one are in the book mentioned above. This one goes off unmarked trails as well but a map of the area would be handy.

Where are you staying at? Maybe they can recommend walks right around their area, between the villas or other interesting landmarks like old churches?
Beat of luck! !