Walking with luggage


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We will be arriving at the SM Novella train station around supper time on a Friday and have to make our way to our accommodations near Piazza Torquato Tasso. Can we safely walk with luggage across the Vespucci Bridge or will we be taking chances with traffic and/or pickpockets? Just wondering if we need to hire a taxi for safety? We travel light so the walking part won't be an issue.


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Safety-wise, you should be okay. Florence is a relatively safe city as there are always people around.
Piazza Tasso is a bit of a walk, so if anything, you might take the taxi to shorten the walk ;-)


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I totally agree with Lourdes, walking will not be a problem - the only problematic traffic you will encounter are people walking around.

A taxi wouldn't necessarily get you that all that much faster but it would save you the hassle of lugging the suitcase around.

As for pick pockets, keep alert to your surrounds and try not to leave too many things "hanging" around - like a purse or spare shopping bag.

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