want advice on 3 day visit to pisa and florence and around


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:confused:hello everyone we r planning 3 day trip in june to pisa and florence but want to cover lucca,siena and magnino ,which places do you suggest we should cover in our trip and we r with 2 kids ,so car hire will be better or travelling by bus and train .please if any one could help on this.


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it is possible in 3 days

Ciao Mukta,

Florence requires at least an entire day dedicated to it, so does Siena. You could do Pisa in a few hours, and since Lucca is near Pisa you could do the rest of the day there.

That about covers your 3 days.

Renting a car is the best option given your limited time, you don't want to have to depend on bus or train schedules. It should also be relatively simpler this way when traveling with children.
Traveling by train would be the next best option, given that Florence, Pisa and Lucca are well connected. Siena always requires changing trains in Empoli so not as convenient, but still reachable. Buses would eat up too much of your time since most are never direct.

I am not sure where Magnino is, is it in Tuscany?