Watching the NFL in Tuscany


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Two part question..I am guessing there is not an official location in Tuscany to actually watch the New England Patriots play, like a fan club bar or pub but does anyone know of a place that does show all NFL games in Sundays? I believe we will be 6 hours ahead so it needs to be a place open at roughly 19:00 for the start of the game. Thanks in advance,



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NFL live in Florence, Italy

Ciao Joe,

I'm not a fan so cannot reply from personal experience but do have some suggestions.
First, soccer rules in Italy so most bars will have soccer on Sundays but Florence has a large American college student and expat population so there are several bars that target Americans and therefore will likely have NFL games on Sundays. Do you think you'll be in Florence on that Sunday?

For sure, you'll find the game on at Finnegans Irish Pub on Via San Gallo near Piazza San Marco since they even have a Facebook page called "NFL live in Florence, Italy" that says that the game on Sept 14 is at 10pm between New England @ New York Jets. See the Facebook page for other game times.

The other sure bet is the Red Garter, an American bar/steakhouse on Via dei Benci around the corner from Piazza Santa Croce. Always filled with young Americans (becomes a disco after certain hours), you'll likely find the game on - you can surely go by ahead of time or call to ask just to make sure. Tel. 055 248 0909

Another likely venue near Santa Croce is the Lion's Fountain pub at the corner of Piazza San Pier Maggiore, at the start of Borgo Albizi near the crossroads of Via Verdi/Via Pietrapiana. Always seen lots of English speaking patrons when we've pass in front and if I remember correctly, I've seen a large TV inside. Right across from this pub on the same square is the Pizzeria i Ghibellini which has excellent thin crust, oven baked pizzas which I highly recommend. If space and weather permits, there is an eating area outside on the piazza but there is also lots of seating inside if outside is full.

If you aren't in Florence, then look into the Irish pubs wherever you are on that Sunday since they're the most likely places to find non-soccer sports on.... otherwise, if your hotel has satellite TV, you might find the game directly in your room. I think you'll need either SkySports or RaiSport+.

Hope you enjoy watching the game from Italy! :)