We will be based in Viareggio with a car


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I have tried to find an up to date guide book for the Italian Riviera which will include Portofino, Cinque Terre, Lucca etc. Have purchased the Lonely Planet Florence and Tuscany which has very little information on that area. Can anyone suggest recommend a guide book for this area?


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You're right, most of the general guidebooks to the region do not cover the area - also called Versilia as far as the Tuscan coast goes - in great detail. The Lonely Planet guide should have enough on Lucca, however, right?

Portofino and Cinque Terre are in the Liguria region, so maybe if you look for Liguria you might find more info.

In any case, here's one: Guide to the Italian French Riviera - which starts in Viareggio and goes north, thus covering both!!
Then there is the DK Eyewitness guide as well as the Italian Touring Club guide to the Riviera that also includes all.

For Cinque Terre, you might want something more specific, such as Rick Steve's pocket guide or this 3 day guide.

Hope these are helpful!!