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My fiancé and I are getting married just outside of Lucca on the 1st June next year. We have a wedding planner but some of the quotes for flowers and make up, in particular, seem to be exceptionally expensive.

Can anyone recommend a local florist and make up artist? We are also struggling to find a decent band/singer songwriter.

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We got married in Volterra 2012. It was made so simple by our wedding planner Annie Adair ( FB) , who is American, fluent in Italian and married to her Italian husband for many years.
Also we had a very inexpensive couple play the keyboards and sing opera at the 12th century town hall with huge ceilings and amazing frescoes. Volterra was the least expensive and most beautiful of all the Tuscan locations we searched. This was the musician we hired:

Makeup I did myself, flowers, also kind of handmade, long story... Dress $160 from China, light in the box.

Our wedding was magnificent-Wish I could post pics!

Good luck and Aguri!


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Experience in Tuscany


I imagine that it will be like this anywhere - but as soon as you add the word wedding to a price estimate, it just seems to escalate.

I have helped several couple prepare the wedding and the key to keeping the price low for the flowers is to go simple.

Remember you are getting married in a place that is already fabulously beautiful so you really don't need to have a lot of extra color - especially since many times roses are in bloom in Tuscany in the month of June. And of course, you will be the star of the show, you most definielty don't want to compete with a ton of flowers!:eek:

If you are getting married at the local goverment office (civil service) or, if possible, in the gardens of the estate wher eyou are staying - check out what they already have. Many government offices are historic - so that alone makes them awesome...if anything you can add a simple piece on the desk where you sign the documents.

If it is in the garden - they may already really be colorful with the early summer blossoms. If instead you are in a church, again check out the location, it may already be quite lovely and all you may want is a simple altar piece.

Be sure you are choosing flowers that are in season - and remember to let your bridal planner make suggestions - especially if they are local and know the traditions. The type of bouquets that they do here in Italy are a bit different, so you might need to adjust your expectations.

Use the natural beauty of the places around you and invest you funds in the partying or a vineyard day trip just you two!!


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