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Dear All,
I`m writing to you hoping for help. My fiancee and me have dream...we would like to get married next year in August in a small, little, nice church/chapel in the Tuscany. It should be a magical place, away from the big tourism. Now my questions: 1. Could you recommend such places with great atmosphere and surroundings? 2. How does the formal things look like? What kind of documents do we need? Will the marriage be honored in whole Europe? When should we start with the organization and with whom should we talk? I really hope you can help us...:)


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Ciao and welcome to our forum!

There are lots of small churches and chapels in Tuscany that might be ideal for your dream wedding - I am assuming you are Catholic because if you aren't, then your choices will be more limited about location.

You should contact Fattoria Il Lago or Villa di Ulignano and ask them about the procedure for getting married in their chapel and using their villa for both reception and accommodation for guests. There are lots of places like these, villas in the countryside with chapels that might be the best option for you and your fiancee. They'll likely be helpful in answering the formal questions as well about paperwork - what I can tell you is that the required documents depend on your citizenship as well as whether you've been married before or not.
A religious wedding is only seen as official if it is a Catholic ceremony (a benefit given to the Church by an old agreement with the Italian state), I believe all others require you to first complete the civil ceremony in city hall first - but I am not an expert so maybe others might provide more details.

Start collecting info from what these two villas tell you and let us know whether they are able to help out with the details. If not, I'll try to look for more info - it would be useful to know your citizenship and your religious affiliation to see whether there are particular requirements.

You might also consider the help of a wedding planner - a villa like the above might help you a lot in the planning, but if you choose to do it on your own it might be more trouble than you think. A wedding planner specialized in organizing weddings for non-Italians in Italy will for sure know how to answer all your questions.